Music at Your Event


Schedule a walk-through of Cheney Mansion at least two weeks prior to the event if you are unfamiliar with the facility. For directions, please see our website, or contact the Cheney Mansion Supervisor.

  • Amplified music is allowed indoors and outdoors with some limitations. The rooms and patio at Cheney Mansion create a very bright sound. Sub-woofers cannot be used indoors or outdoors and Management will show musician’s and DJ’s where the set-up is for indoors and out. Outdoors, speakers must face into the house to minimize sound carrying out to the surrounding residential area.
  • As Cheney Mansion is located in a residential neighborhood, reasonable amplified music is allowed outside for events on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Outdoor music for events on Friday, Saturday and Holiday weekend Sundays must end at 10:00 p.m. An acceptable decibel level guideline ranges from 75-85db depending upon bass levels and a sound check will be required before the event and then checked throughout the event.
  • Minimal amplified music will be allowed outdoors for events on Sunday except for Holiday Sundays. Outdoor music for events on Sunday must end at 9:00 p.m. except for Holiday Sundays.
  • Cheney management retains the right to control volume. Please keep sound to suggested levels.
  • Cheney Mansion has a Sonos sound and speaker system located in the house with capacity to move specific speakers outdoors. Cheney Mansion Staff is responsible for moving any equipment owned by Cheney Mansion.
  • DJs and Musicians contracted for the event are prohibited from consuming alcohol during the contracted time.
  • Cheney Mansion Management retains the right to end the music and ask the DJ to vacate the property should any of these limitations be violated.
  • Bands and DJ’s using the third floor must load in and out all equipment through the side service entrance located off the alley on the north side driveway.
  • All items must be hand carried up the stairs. There is no elevator nor are hand trucks allowed.
  • The Cheney Mansion Supervisor must approve use of main staircase for set up prior to the event start time. After unloading, your vehicles must be moved to on-street parking. Please leave parking spaces on Euclid Avenue in front of the mansion for the guests of your client.
  • Equipment set-up is allowed only during the two hour of set-up of an event. Prior to the final walk thru with Cheney Mansion, please notify your client of any tables, chairs or linens you will need.
  • Any special lighting, props or set-up must be approved by the Cheney Mansion Supervisor, and must be removed at the conclusion of the event. Fog machines are not allowed.
  • All indoor music is to conclude at the end time of the event. Outdoor music end time requirements are identified above and need to be strictly followed. Please confirm the event end times with client or Cheney Mansion Supervisor
  • All vendors must vacate the Mansion no later than 11:30 pm on the weekends, 10:30 pm on weeknights. Cheney Mansion is not responsible for any equipment left on the premises.